Women's sportswear

Naffta was created in 1996 to offer women sportswear tailored to meet their needs. As there was no other brand combining fashion and functionality in the same garments, Naffta decided to fill this gap in the market.

Since then Naffta has become the leading brand for all women who see sport as a way of life, and this year it is branching out into the menswear sector. Today our products are available through more than 300 Spanish points of sale and we are in the process of expanding internationally

Original look and handcrafted patterns

Cutting-edge designs that bring the latest trends in fashion to sports clothing.

When creating clothing, our design process includes detailed studies of specific areas of the body and the female form. Our garments may have to play down, show off, adjust or elevate the area in question, ensuring a perfect fit with the female form and providing unrivalled security that all sportswomen need.

We treat pattern designing as one of our key strengths: combining powerful software with handicraft to guarantee significantly superior accuracy and results.

Unrivalled preparation

Meticulousness and excellence are the cornerstones on which Naffta clothing production is based, both essential requirements that each and every article must meet before hitting the market.

This ensures that women can practise sports safe in the knowledge that their attire is offering them superb levels of performance, while covering their needs and showing off their figure.

Aesthetic and decorative elements and finishes make our clothing ideal for the most demanding of sportswomen: smooth stitching means no rubbing against the skin; fabrics are selected specifically for the sport the garment is being designed for; thread colour matches the tone of the fabric; Framilon elastic and reinforced T-shirt facings to support the breast area, among other innovative features.

Premium quality raw materials

When creating special lines for specific sports, Naffta works with a wide range of fabrics, using only those with the properties it needs for the sport in question.

Combinations of different advanced synthetic and natural fibres can create extraordinary results. Soft stretchy materials that retain their original shape wash after wash, without creasing, shrinking, or fading.

They allow the skin to breathe, reduce sweating and function like a second layer of skin, offering protection against the sun and rain. Bacteria-resistant microfibres provide thermal insulation and reduce muscle vibration, one of the main causes of fatigue. A perfect mix of compression and stretch raises the performance and efficiency of sportswomen. The fabric follows the body\'s movements, before returning to its original shape and providing support and compression to ensure that women feel secure and protected.

The best threads

Naffta only works with the best suppliers of thread and uses up to four different types of polyester thread to make just one garment. From the base thread used for the sewing - sturdy and resistant - to a foam thread that covers the stitch lines and provides the finish.

Tension must be carefully controlled to ensure that the spinning process respects the elasticity of the fabric and the exact amount of thread per linear must also be calculated so that the stitches are as close together as possible.

The colour of the thread matches the tone of the fabric on each side of the seam. Thus, if two differently coloured pieces are sewn together, the thread that joins them will be of one of the colours on one side, and of the other colour on the other.

Important details that not only make our garments look magnificent on the outside, but also provide supreme finishing on the inside.

Designed in Spain

Naffta was founded in Galicia, Spain, where the company still designs and prepares all its garment prototypes and has its administrative, communication and logistics departments. Naffta is unflinchingly committed to European production under responsible working conditions, with the exception of occasional ventures with other non-EU countries (in which the company still expects its partners to respect the company's own values).

  • Strict code of transparency and quality both internally and externally.
  • Good practices in terms of employment, health and safety conditions.
  • Highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art machinery.
  • Access to training actively supported and developed.
  • Long-term relationships with workers and suppliers.
  • Actions considered disrespectful, illegal or degrading are not tolerated from any member of the workforce, irrespective of race, religion, gender, or any other personal or social condition. Moreover, the company forbids any kind of violence, abuse of harassment.

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